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with innovation.

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in-store marketing
in-store marketing
in-store marketing


We are providing the Google Analytics service of the real world using the latest technology of image analysis and machine learning to obtain or use in-store customer behavior data. By changing in-store layout and directing technic based on A/B test using a next-generation business intelligence tool, we support our customer’s in-store marketing of scientifically analyze customer behavior.


FukidaSystem is the new form of advertising that project advertisement to pedestrian like balloon of the comic. This interactive expression enhances the influence of advertisement towards people around it. Other than FukidaSystem, we have provided KaodaSystem which uses facial recognition, and UgokidaSystem which uses infrared sensor.

Case studies
■Asahi Beverage

Spiral Grape. Performed at Shinagawa station. When a pedestrian approaches to large panel, product’s character called spiral panda appears and moves as a target’s movement. Different messages can be shown to multiple objectives.

■Japan Television

In 24hrs TV event, performed at Shinjuku Station. 24hrs TV’s T-shirt is put on pedestrians in large monitor. This system analyzes people’s movement in real time and is able to track them. Therefore, it can attract the attention even if people are moving.

■K Exhibition

For ASB, performed at the exhibition of Germany Dusseldorf. This is AR system you can experience like you are in water. Infrared camera recognizes the individual movement and water surface is shaken as the movement.


In technology production, we do everything about launching a new business from mining latest business seeds including core technology, to feasibility check. We are supporting client’s new business start-up or launching a new business by ourselves. We timely catch the market changes and needs of the client, understanding suitable technology and its efficacy and advantages, and promptly apply that to business. We have already been successful in connecting companies and latest technology and create innovation in the company. We have business development experience and operational knowledge in various industries.


ABEJA.INC is the company which changes the world with innovation by producing business that uses the latest technology.


Corporate Profile

Company Name
Established in
September 10, 2012
Office location
Tanakayama Building 10F
4-1-20, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
105-0001, Japan
TEL: +81-3-6452-8848
FAX: +81-3-6452-8849
CEO Yousuke Okada
Major bank
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd. Hibiya Branch
Mizuho Bank,Ltd. Shibuya Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. Ebisu Branch
Business Scope
Business production using image analysis and machine learning.


Change the world with innovation.

600 years ago, the invention that triggered world shift was made by Johannes Gutenberg. It is a letterpress printing. Before the invention of letterpress printing, every writings were copied by handwriting and, the book was really valuable. Therefore, the bible was precious item that only part of clergyman could read.

However, by leveraging the letterpress printing, the prices of books were reduced to one tenth. General public came to be able to read the bible. That stimulated human curiosity. And, it led to the movement called Reformation, and later developed into Renaissance.

The idea of the human Hymn in Renaissance, was the affair that explores and practices they way for people to be truly happy. In that process, artistic creation, culture, religion, and science experienced a huge enhancement. And, People became mentally and materially rich.

It was the moment that the world has changed by innovation.

To consider this in modern times, it is obvious that letter printing applies to computer in our time. Then mankind obtained super information highway that integrates the knowledge of all around the world by interconnecting them. It’s the Internet. A better information transmission system than letterpress printing is invented.

The world we are living in today, have the potential to confront the greater innovation than ones in Renaissance.

We want to explore how people around the world can be really happy, with the help of computer and Internet, and continue to practice it.

There is no road in front of us, only historical experiment is.


We have advisors of renowned professors from university, and adopting technology developed in world’s latest academic achievement for innovation.

Nagoya University Graduate School of
Information Science

Professor Takami Yasuda

Getting PhD of technology at department of electrical engineering and computer science, graduate school of engineering of Nagoya University in 1987. Serving as associate professor at school of information and sciences in 1993. Becoming a professor of that university in 2003. During this period, he is fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Hokkaido University Graduate School of
Information Science

Associate Professor Hidenori Kawamura

Hokkaido University Graduate School of Information Science complex information Department of Complex Systems Engineering Associate Professor. In Hokkaido University Graduate School of Information Science, researching on complex systems engineering, tourism information science, and multi-agent system.


At ABEJA, members have a diverse background from a foreign investment bank, professional firm, serial entrepreneur, engineer, and ministry of defense graduates. They are gathered under the philosophy and vision of changing the world with innovation. In this flat organizational structure, we respect the diversity of each individual.

Yousuke Okada
Yousuke OkadaCEO

Born in 1988, from Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya city. Started programing from 5th grade. Majored in computer graphics in high school and awarded a prize from MEXT. In college, gave a research talk of 3D computer graphics in various international conferences and in 2011 served as CIO of Hibiki inc. He was responsible for web service development and SMM strategic planning. After that, he joined Rich Media Co. Ltd to manage a multi million business, left in 2012. Since September 2012 he has been holding office as CEO.

Takanori Ogata
Takanori OgataCTO

Born in 1988, from Fukuoka Prefecture. During his time at Kurume National College, he was awarded the IEICE Performance Excellence Award. After graduating, he studied image processing at Kyushu University. In 2011 he graduated and his project was adopted to IPA Exploratory IT Discovery and Foster Youth Program "Model-Driven Development Tool in the Cloud, the Development of CloudMDD." In the same year he entered the School of Systems and Information Science and Information Intelligence Engineering. Researching mesh-based wireless communication technology. In 2011, joined Rich Media where he developed several iPhone apps and a new service using Facebook. The developed services are featured in many media, such as Techwave.

Naoki Tonogi
Naoki TonogiCOO

Born in 1988, from Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City, adopted by one of the top performers for global human resource development program when attending department of economics at Nagoya University. While in university, he was a member of Nagoya Lab by VOYAGE GROUP, leading new business development as a director. In 2012, entered a consulting firm, specializing in new business startup. Supported new business establishment for several big enterprises in professional firm. Having gained experience in project management, he joined Abeja.

Keisuke Tomimatsu
Keisuke TomimatsuBoard Chairman

After serving as a division manager of financial products equity office and executive director at UBS Investment Bank, he has been appointed as the managing director at equity office of Credit Suisse Group AG, and executive director at equity office of Morgan Stanley. Also, serving as an auditor, director of Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co. Ltd and IR Japan Holdings, Ltd..

Ryutarou Okada
Ryutarou OkadaDirector

Born in 1974, from Tokyo metropolis. While in Keio University Faculty of Economics he established Orbit Ltd. Served as CEO and project leader. In 2014, he sold the company and continued to be engaged in management. In 2007, served as director at GAIN Co. Ltd and then became CEO in 2010. In 2012, became director of General Foundation for Children's Future and Space Asset Utilization Center.

Ryousuke Takatsuki
Ryousuke TakatsukiExternal Director

After The Industrial Bank of Japan Limited and Internet Research Institute Inc. entered Inspire Corporation. Under the theme of realization of innovation, practiced equity investment to companies with new business development and innovative technology based on capital and business alliance with companies. Member of the SME Policy Council organization cooperation, ubiquitous network society Promotion Council, and concurrently serve as instructor of Keio Fukuzawa Yukichi Memorial civilization cram school. Graduated Faculty of Economics, Keio University.