Change the world with innovation.
600 years ago, the invention that triggered world shift was made by Johannes Gutenberg.
It is a letterpress printing. Before the invention of letterpress printing,
every writings were copied by handwriting and, the book was really expensive.
Therefore, the bible was precious item that only part of clergyman was permitted to read.

However, the prices of books were dropped to 10% compared with that in its best period,
because the letterpress printing became common. General public

people could read the bible too because of the invention.
The circumstance stimulated human curiosity, and it caused Reformation and Renaissance.

This newfound celebration of humanity during the Renaissance resulted in
constant exploration and experimentation with the goal of mankind finding
true happiness. During these times, artistic creation, culture, religion, and science
experienced significant enhancements and innovations.
People also became both mentally and materially wealthy.

It was at this time that the world was changed by innovation.
To consider this in modern times, it is obvious that the successes of letterpress
printing also apply to computers in our time. Mankind developed the super
information highway that integrates the combined knowledge of the entire world
by interconnecting everyone.
The Internet, an even better system of transmitting information than letterpress printing, was invented.
The world we are living in today has the potential to confront even greater innovations than that of the
We want to explore how people around the world can be truly happy, with the help of computers and the
Internet, and continue these practices in the years to come.

There is no defined road in front of us.
Only through constant experimentation, innovation,
and exploration will we continue to move forward.